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Customer smartly says: It’s my car, so I-will-get-it-done-myself

December 18, 2009 Leave a comment

Consumers express satisfaction only when it touches their heart. We go to a restaurant and place an order for the food that we love.  A food fanatic would further approach the chef to tailor-make his/her pricy meal. The aptness to have a satisfaction in whatever we buy has been a human way for ages. Then why step back when it comes to buying a car ? is what prime car manufacturers like Audi,Volkswagen et al are raising as a question. Consumers are gradually realizing the value for their money and are preferring personalization instead of letting the local dealer decide what they’re going to buy. Have a look at Audi’s approach towards customer satisfaction using some of the advance technologies. 

Click hereAudi Car Configurator 

Its an age of low cost cars and its high time small/passenger car vendors also follow the suit so that we drive highly personalized cars. What is your opinion and have you come across any such advanced technologies to capture or rather satisfy the customer requirements or have been part of the configure-to-order fullfilment way of working. Do provide some comments. 

Regards, Ajit


Customers are from Mars and Software Developers are from Venus

December 14, 2009 2 comments

The software world attempts to innovate to simplify the lives of individuals allied to the industrial world.

The CATCH – Often, the Customers are from Mars and Software Developers are from Venus gives rise to the GAP factor.

The GAP – The biggest challenge the software solution providers or software product development companies in particular often face today is to reduce the GAP between these two different worlds, customers and the actual software developers.

Perspectives is my straight dive into the industrial world. Through this blog and my focussed research, I hope to interact and network with Industry Experts/Thought Leaders/Solution Architects-Consultants-Pre-sales/Product Managers/End Users and collectively communicate different perspectives about the industrial world and the software world in an endeavour to reduce the GAP. I am not necessarily an expert on each subject- but I do hold definite views.

I hope this blog turns out to be a one-stop-shop for information buying !

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