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Connect to consumers in their digital life

March 24, 2010 Leave a comment

My wife buzzed me yesterday afternoon and asked me to buy some vegetables and some groceries before I returned home after work. I was reluctant and my answer was a quick No :)which later cost me my dinner :(.The next day on my way back to office I was imagining if I could have done something about it. What if I had an online access to a vegetable market and I could shop some fresh vegetables and get them delivered instantly to my home. What if I could digitally connect to the store using my cell phone? The situation could have been all the more different. Isn’t it? A Dassault Systemes virtual store offering via 3dsywm led me to imagine the unthinkable. Check this out @ 3dswym

Online Virtual Store

Online Virtual Store

The product  not only connects the consumers and the suppliers but also helps store owners to explore store ideas in Virtual Reality. Apart from these amazing offerings the product also comes with a Virtual Shopping Research tool wherein once the 3D interactive shelf/store is created and hosted in Virtual Reality, it becomes the perfect ground for consumer testing. After all they say – See What You Mean ! ! !

So what’s your perspective about a virtual store? Have you seen before something of this kind? Should we not have this at consumer disposal?

Best Regards, Ajit