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Different tribes have different tastes

Different people have different tastes for food. We often go to restaurants and the waiter provides us the menu card and that is exactly when the greatest of all problem arises – to make choices.We have to make our choices to satisfy the taste buds and same time tighten our pockets.Often we end up ordering the wrong dishes. I had been to McDonald’s yesterday to have some burgers. It took me several minutes before I could place an order.The reason being not able to decide on the burger. The same thing happens even at Domino’s Pizzas or a lot of other eateries. The confusion is less when we stick to one particular item and be satisfied whereas its almost a nightmare when we don’t understand which one to order.”What if” we find a solution to such a problem.

A Really Quick Restaurant

McDonald's - A Quick Restaurant

In the Configuration management world we can term all the food items to be “Products” belonging to a specific vendor like McDonald’s or Domino’s. We could have configuration systems in place at these vendor locations and provide consumers with  options to make their selection based on minimal inputs. For ex: Item – Burger, Cost – $10,Vegetarian/Non-Vegetarian,Taste -Hot/Sweet/Sour and then provide a  list of choices that satisfy all these inputs.The consumer happily makes the best and cost effective selection and the vendor becomes known as a quick service restaurant.

Best Regards, Ajit

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