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Death Of A Salesman – abstracting the role called “salesman”

May 23, 2010 Leave a comment

In the virtual world, literally abstraction is a very common terminology. We as humans have a tendency to simplify things around us by making few things look abstract. In our day to day life we abstract a lot of things. For instance we use washing machines to wash our clothes,euro cleaner to keep the floors clean so on and so forth. Now in these contexts, what is abstraction? In my opinion the abstraction is the “role” itself . The role/person who washes the clothes or the role/person who cleans the floor. Since we see a lot of advantages in abstracting the role we continue with such a practice. One such abstraction can be found in an online sales configurator. Lets see how abstraction helps companies do sales or rather lets see what a best in class sales configurator can offer to ease the role of a salesman or literally abstract the salesman’s role.

"Salesman" abstraction

"Salesman" abstraction

To find out what a best in class sales configurator has to provide I went through a number of available sales configurators flyers from various vendors. Each vendor has provided unique  features to make the sales configurator a one stop shop for all the sales configuration needs.

The following are my findings about all that a best in class sales configurator can provide to sell itself:

  • Product catalog support
  • Proposal Generation
  • Quotation/Pricing/Costing
  • Order Management
  • Product Configuration
  • Rule Management
  • Product Data Management – System Configuration
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Guided Selling
  • SAAS – Technology Option
  • Visualization/ Lifelike experience
  • CRM & ERP integration
  • Forecasting

The following are some of the well known vendors who have wide sales configurator offerings:

Do help me further in exploring the best in class sales configurator offerings by posting your comments.

Best Regards, Ajit