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Open PLM Standards: An Industrial Emergency

August 30, 2010 1 comment

Despite non-stop rains over the weekend in Pune, it was a happy weekend for me because we unexpectedly purchased a new Philips home theatre system for a very meager amount.We have a 21 inch Videocon LCD TV which had an average sound quality.To enhance the sound experience we decided for a home theater system.To our surprise we got a really cheap and affordable home theater system at a nearby super market. During the installation one thing stroked my mind was about the flexibility with which these 2 different products from 2 different vendors worked with absolutely no glitches. I was just wondering a day when Siemen’s NX solutions worked with Dassault Systems ENOVIA solution with no glitches or the CATIA unified with Teamcenter. If we closely observe the reason why Videocon and Philips work together may give the PLM vendors an answer to most of the manufacturing worlds interoperability issues.

According to my perspective,One of the foremost reasons why Philips home theater works with Videocon TV is because both these vendors follow common electronic standards.

“A electronic standard is generally a documented agreement, established by a consensus of industry experts and approved by a recognized body,that provides rules, guidelines or characteristics to ensure that certain materials, products, and processes are fit for their purpose. In many cases, standards in electronic industry are voluntary. However,voluntary consensus standards developed by industry are often subsequently adopted by the governments as part of the regulatory framework. The state laws also establish some mandatory electrical characteristics such as those related to energy efficiency and power consumption.”

Open PLM Standards

Open PLM Standards

Its high time the PLM world adopts certain standards to solve many such industry issues by cultivating a Live and Let Live attitude and having some PLM standards,rules, guidelines to ensure that the different Business Process Applications talk well with each other regardless of its origin.

So do you agree the PLM world requires  a governing body to solve the related issues of industrial worlds? Do post your views.

Best Regards, Ajit

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