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55 percent of the seafood in Walmart stores is certified! ! !

Yes ! ! !

At least 55 percent of the seafood in Walmart stores is certified as having been caught with sustainable fishing practices, all its large electronics equipment and personal computers are manufactured without hazardous materials.


Walmart is one such retailer who have completely changed the way they handle logistics, operations, and sales practices. This has naturally altered the mindsets of consumers making them all the more cautious of what they consume and their buying habits have witnessed a drastic shift. Consumers are now more aware and are demanding for greener products. Surely a right way to go isn’t it !

Material Compliance Management

Material Compliance Management

We have already started to see such a growing awareness among consumers and without any second thoughts I believe its the consumers who would be key drivers in making product companies adopt compliancy without any kind of ignorance.

While most of the companies have started viewing Materials Compliance as a means to fulfill Corporate Social Responsibilities, a few others have ignored. For instance sometime back it was estimated that the value of noncompliant automotive aftermarket parts exported to the United States exceeded $2.7 billion. A real worry ! ! !

In a highly competitive consumer market following compliance and bringing greener and sustainable products to the market is the need of the hour and also an important survival startegy.

Walmart Fish store is quite an inspiration ! ! !

So, how Materials Compliance solution  help companies???

1.Enables to build trustworthy products
2.Provides a competitive differentiation in the market
3.Promotes product innovation
4.Helps branding on the grounds of sustainable products
5.Very importantly helps avoiding penalties from government or regulatory bodies

The companies are at greater advantage when compliance is implimented earlier in the design phase of the products thereby minimizing percolating costs if implimented at a later stage.

Dassault Systemes ENOVIA Material Compliance Central provides a comprehensive compliance solution that enables companies to track, analyze, and report a product’s environmental compliance.

For more information please click here

Wishing You A Very Happy New Year 2011 ! ! !

Best Regards, Ajit

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