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Driving the technology @ 128km/h

January 11, 2010 Leave a comment

On a Monday afternoon at work I received a well informative forward from one of my friend about the auto expo 2010 which has made huge news in India so far. Having no automobile aesthetics I kept wondering on a small excerpt in the mail. It read as follows:

The 100 percent battery powered vehicle is powered by a 55Kw motor that produces 140Nm of torque and is capable of propelling the car to a top speed of 128km/h.

This news about the the new Tata Indica Electrical Vehicle sounds fantastic but a typical consumer with a little questioning attitude would ask what does it really mean ! !? The consumer accepts the new model based on an interpretation that the car is an electric vehicle hence can avoid the gas station and secondly he can travel at 128km/h and thirdly the economics.

Tata Indica EV

Tata Indica EV @ Auto Expo 2010

But what really had gone into developing a car of this acceptable standard?

Answer: To my opinion its the Consumer himself  and few key technology drivers!

To bestow the car to such an acceptable standard, the primary key technology drivers would be a good requirements capturing system blended with a creative car configurator available 24/7 over an online system for the consumer as well as the sales representative.

Dassault Systemes, a world PLM leader and a Software Innovator has some offerings in this arena. Discover the detailed V6 Portfolio – Governance section for more details.

Do post your comments if you have used any of the Dassault Systemes products for requirements capturing or configuring the product across any industry verticals.

Regards, Ajit

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